Toilet People

Written by TMigi

During a day at work quite many people go to toilet and are not in any hurry doing their business. Some might not do any business at all. They just go to the toilet to get away from exhaustion which is weighing us down. Lunch is often eaten together with co-workers. Coffee is being drank standing up in the office kitchen or in hallways with others or the worst option cold coffee is drank hastily while doing the precious things that were supposed to be ready yesterday (but was postponed because some other urgent task got in the way). This means that toilet breaks are the only time people get to be alone with their own thoughts during a workday. Employers want us to be creative and innovative but that needs our thoughts to be free. In the end our only time to be creative is on our toilet breaks. Shouldn't something be changed? How work should be organized so we can be creative and at our best?